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Yesterday's spending

August 13th, 2010 at 06:26 pm

I met my friend in Edinburgh for lunch. This is what I spent:

bus fare 6
lunch 9
magazine and a sweet 1.75

My friend had a 25% off voucher for the restaurant we went to so that was good. It was nice catching up with her. She's away back to London on Sunday so it will be a while until I see her again.

On the way back home yesterday I went to MIL's work. Got a free coffee (saved 3). She was by herself so I asked if she needed any help. She did, and three hours later I left to pick up DH. I can't complain, she made a milkshake for me so that was another 3 saved.

I worked six extra hours today. I'm not too sure if I will be able to work extra next week, my mum wants me to go to the doctors with her.

I was hoping to have a NSD today however I picked up a bottle of wine that was on offer (3) and drink for DH (3 bottles, 1.88 per bottle) and snacks for tonight and breakfast tomorrow. We're going to watch The Ugly Truth, it arrived from Love Film today. Originally we were going to go out but we decided to stay in.

I'm hoping not to spend a lot next week, although I am sure I say this every week. Have a good weekend everyone!

2 Responses to “Yesterday's spending”

  1. TarWalker Says:

    I just finished The Ugly Truth this week! It was pretty good. Hope you enjoy your night. :-)

  2. scottish girl Says:

    Just finished watching The Ugly Truth,it was so funny Smile

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