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Home alone

August 16th, 2010 at 05:20 pm

Well not really, MIL is home. DH is working tonight, he's covering a shift. It's good because he hasn't done overtime in a while.

As soon as I stepped into our room today I noticed MIL had been in our room. DH hates when she does it. I do too but he has proper arguments with her. The last time he brought it up they had a huge argument and MIL used the phrase "it's my name on the house" It's times like that when I wish we had our own place. Hopefully tonight won't turn into an argument, although by every right it should, DH has told her that we deal with our room. It's silly how I know she's been in. She's tidied the room and put Farmfoods bags in the bin. A few weeks ago I bought bin liners for our room which I've been using. MIL doesn't know about them, I keep them in a bag (which, in fact is out in plain sight) DH does though, and he would have used them.

2 Responses to “Home alone”

  1. Homebody Says:

    My daughter and granddaughter are living with us for a while and I try to make a point to not say a thing about her room. I only go in to get granddaughter's clothes or toys or to put her to bed if I need to. I hope you can get your own place ASAP!!

  2. scottish girl Says:

    Me too! The plan is to have most of our debt paid off by the time we do have our own place. It's driving me crazy!

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