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4 weeks worth of spending

August 26th, 2010 at 03:15 pm

For the past four weeks I have been tracking my spending. I've just spent a while trying to figure out exactly how much I've spent and where I spent it. That got me thinking, I need to think of a better way to keep track. Right now I just write down what I spend in a notebook. It took me ages to work out exactly how much I've spent in one shop, although I write down the name of the shop next to how much. Anyway, excluding bills, this is what my spending roughly looks like:

ASDA 120.06
Play 6.98*
petrol 65.02**
Caffe Nero 6.70
social 55.70

* I ordered a dvd for my mum for Christmas and a book for MIL's birthday
** Only 40.00 of this is what I put in. DH and my mum gave me the rest

The social category includes going out for a meal and the cinema for my friend's birthday. I also met my other friend in town for lunch. I paid a deposit too to see a tribute act next month with my mum so I guess it isn't too bad.

I think the biggest shock I got when I totalled this up is the amount I've spent in ASDA. I remember buying walkie talkies cause DH asked for them the day we got paid. I mostly buy food that I take with me to work. I also buy me and DH drink. I just didn't realise it was that much. Phew.

I had a few things to do today. Went to the bank and put 44 into savings so need to update my sidebar. Out of the 44 some of it was change that I've been meaning to take to the bank for a while. Booked an eyebrow wax for tomorrow (8) Tomorrow's payday so we'll see how I do.

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