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Countdown to a No Spend Month

May 30th, 2011 at 02:46 pm

Well, this No Spend Month is actually happening. TarWalker is partially joining me. She is aiming to save $150, I haven't actually thought of how much I'd like to save. It will be good to see how June turns out.

For this No Spend Month I will:

1)only purchase necessary items
2)withdraw cash for variable expenses which are already budgeted for - once it's gone, it's gone

Variable expenses: petrol (50), packed lunch (10) and snacks for room (10) I've got a stack of envelopes waiting to be used.

Right now I'm thinking that all money saved will go towards savings.

May was a busy month, we had a wedding and a party. I overspent at the party. June will not be the same. However, I did manage to start both my EF and car fund.

I only have one goal for June: complete a No Spend Month.

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