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Payday & a new approach

July 1st, 2011 at 12:57 am

I always have a productive mornning on payday, mostly because I pay all my bills online and transfer money to savings online. This morning I've also been to the shops and back. I had to pay mine and hubby's xmas savings to my work colleague. She finishes up today for her holidays so I had to give our money to her. That's another thing ticked off the list. And it's not even 9am yet (almost).

My auto savings transfer and my normal savings were added to my Moving Out Fund today (30) New balance: 479.15 My no spend month definetly helped my savings.

I paid extra to both credit cards this morning. With credit card 2 I'm taking a new approach. I added the minimum payment and interest. I paid that amount (78) to the card. They also charge me for repayment cover, which I agreed to when I first got the card, but I haven't accounted for that. I figure two out of three isn't too bad.

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