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A Lazy Day

July 9th, 2011 at 12:21 pm

It's nearly time for me to leave and pick up hubby from work. I had a nice, relaxing day. I only spent 3.15 today so that was good.

I forgot to mention in my previous post that hubby is definetly going to help me with CC2 (almost half of the balance is his) He hasn't helped me before because I've known that he has other things to pay, plus it's MY credit card, I have to pay it. Well he's going to contribute as from next month. I know some of you may be thinking that we should have a joint account already so we really shouldn't have any issues like this.. but we haven't got one yet. I don't see the need to yet as, unfortunately, we're not running a house. We both, however, know each other's bank balances and always check in to see where we're both at.

I also had another conversation with hubby about my other credit card. He wants me to use it to fix my power steering - sometimes it's heavy, sometimes light - and my rear windscreen wiper. I want to save some more money first towards it. He views my credit cards as the only way of fixing my car; I'm trying - slowly - to build a car fund for these sort of problems. I haven't added anything to my car fund or EF yet this month, I really should.

I'm halfway through my new book. The author is actually Rosamund Lupton, not Lipton, just in case anyone else wants to read it. If I hadn't met my friend I may have almost finished it. Oh well, it was nice to catch up.

One of our friends just got a house with his girlfriend, and her daughter. Is it bad that I'm envious of them? We've been invited over tonight so I'll get to see their house.

Hope everyone has a great day since I think I'm about eight hours ahead so my day is almost over. In case you haven't guessed the time difference between London and New York is mentioned a few times in the book.

2 Responses to “A Lazy Day”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    I really hope you can save up vs. using the credit card. I wish I'd realized earlier in life that it is possible to save up for things even when you're not making money. I'm impressed that you're working so hard to do so. I think it'll make you guys much more well-off in the long run. Take it from a 37-year-old; now we make a lot of money, but we don't feel rich because we have so much catching up to do with debt and savings!

  2. TarWalker Says:

    No worries, my best friend and her husband just finished building their forever house and are moving in at the end of the month. I'm jealous as well, but getting over it as I realize how nice it is not to pay a mortgage.

    I'm glad your hubby is starting to help with CC2. :-) It's a nice feeling to be a married couple attacking the debts together.

    Have you found a way to complete your moving out fund this month yet?

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