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Busy week

December 11th, 2012 at 08:39 am

It's only Tuesday but I feel as though I have had a busy week. On Sunday I met up with my friends from school, and yesterday me and SG went to M&D's theme park to see Santa. (I only spent 1.80 on a portion of chips) It was a good day. I had packed my own lunch but bought chips because I wanted something hot to eat.

It's been a bad week. Next month I will be charged 15 for an unpaid direct debit fee cause I was a few pounds short. This is the second time this has happened. Well it will be the last.

I didn't phone my CC company to ask them to reduce my interest rate since there's not a lot going in my favour just now: CC is almost maxed out. When I'm in a better position I will get in touch. I am up-to-date on my payments though, I don't think I've EVER missed a payment.

Next year I will focus on CC debt. I just want to find extra money to throw at it.

I go back to work on Sunday. I will be working three days a week. When I get paid in January I will know how much money I will be getting every month since this pay will include the last of my maternity pay.

DH asked MIL to borrow some money this week (10) just to tide us over. We are giving her a high street voucher of the same value so she's not losing anything.

I didn't do my usual meal plan post this week. Yesterday I made up pasta with leftover bacon, mixed beans in tomato sauce, peppers and onion. It was ok, would have been better if we had more meat in it. I'm cooking beef casserole again tonight, it's in the oven just now. Going to try making homemade dumplings for the first time. Tomorrow we are having chicken tikka masala. We've ran out of rice though so will probably just have bread with it.

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