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Little updates

October 2nd, 2013 at 02:09 pm

We've almost officially changed utility suppliers. Next week it should all be changed over, hopefully we will see some savings.

I made carrot and coriander soup tonight. Before I starred cooking I had a good look in my store cupboard and there's a lot more than I thought. Tins of beans and spices and herbs kept getting knocked over. I thought I only had one onion left but I found a few more, plus one red onion. I also found a kilo bag of pasta. I thought I had to buy more soon, too. Good thing I had a thorough look.

I've been playing about with the budget for next pay period. Still deciding what to do. I'm hoping to continue putting extra towards CC1 though, and putting money towards the Buy Now Pay Later Items that I have on my catalogue because the last thing I want to do is pay interest. Also, savings are going to need to be replaced - probably very slowly though.

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