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Minimal Spending Update

October 10th, 2013 at 09:06 am

I spent 10 yesterday on stocking up on food. I'm trying my best but I'm disappointed when I see how little I have left in my budget - about 13. We only had chicken left so I bought casserole pork and beef mince for £2 each. I guess I'm used to us having meat a lot. That will need to change, although I will still make it for SG.

I seem to be spending a lot of time looking for recipes. I found a recipe which uses green lentils: roast chicken, tomato and lentil one pot. According to the magazine, it's 1.38 per serving and serves four. I'm sure I can make it for less. I won't be making this yet though since it uses chicken thighs and we haven't got any just now.

I've got four hours overtime at the weekend. It won't make up for hubby's days off work but every little helps I suppose.

We've used a lot of potatoes this week - we've only got two left now. Last time we had a 2.5kg bag of potatoes it took us ages to use them.

I went to my mum's today. 3.80 spent on bus fare. I've gotten the feeling before that my mum thinks we're really struggling - I guess we are in some ways. However, I brought it up today that all bills are paid on time and extra has even been paid towards cc1. Yes DH has a shortfall but we are trying. As a household I think we are ok, obviously we could be doing a lot better.

6 Responses to “Minimal Spending Update”

  1. snafu Says:

    Give yourself a pat-on-the-back for all you've accomplished. It seems tight but you're making progress and certainly understand more about managing your money so that money isn't always managing you!

    BTW , black beans and many more. The extra step is to soak these overnight and cook for a l-o-n-g time. Look for recipes on-line or enjoy time at the library looking at their cookbooks.

    just some thoughts....

  2. Miz Pat Says:

    Sounds to me like you are doing wonderfully. I agree with Snafu - pat on the back for taking such good care of the family.

  3. snafu Says:

    sorry I'm really having problems with this new laptop. Sentences are contracting and the edit feature won't work. I was trying to say recipes are merely guidelines you can use whatever similar product is at hand. I suggest checking out types of dried beans, there are many and like rice they double when soaked and cooked for a long time. They need spice to taste delicious

  4. My English Castle Says:

    I think you're doing very well! Mums worry, but you're on top of the issue.

  5. scottish girl Says:

    Thank you everyone Smile

  6. mjbugbee Says:

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