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Today's Happenings

October 11th, 2013 at 09:18 am

Returned two out of three library books. I need to find the other one soon.

Posted the engagement card I got last week. 50p for a second class stamp.

Since I was at the local shopping centre, I went into to Co-Op to have a look. I spent £2.24. I bought a pack of short grain rice to make rice pudding and a packet of mini meatballs for SG. They were on sale for 99p rather than 2.xx, also the offer's finishing in the next few days, so I decided to pick them up while I was there.

I came home and made a batch of minestrone soup. We will all eat this.

Tomorrow I'm working. When I finish I need to pick up milk, sausages for SG, potatoes and carrots.

A Capital One fraud adviser just phoned me. She explained that the transaction was on a gambling website, and there was another attempt on the same website too. She asked me when I last used my card - told her March. She had to verify that so I had to wait a few minutes while she checked. I was right, 29/3 was the last transaction. She told me to cut up my card and that a new one will be with me in 7-10 business days. Not a problem, since I never use it. She did question whether anyone else knew my PIN, or used my card, told her no-one else knows it.

The conversation lasted a bit longer than it should have because we had trouble understanding each other. Oh well, at least it's sorted now.

1 Responses to “Today's Happenings”

  1. bluesfemme Says:

    Glad it was sorted so easily! Last time we were in Eng, there were three fraudulent activities (coach tickets, student engineering membership and retail) on one card. I had to sign a statutory declaration and it took over 3 wks to sort out. The balance was frozen, which was good as I always pay in full and didn't want to pay over 1000 of theirs, but a heap of monthly insurance premiums got rejected because the card was cancelled.
    We think it might have been through an Indian dinner order delivered to my sil's, as he asked to see the card when he got there so could have got the CSC, and we think that was the only place where it was seen.

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