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A few days later...

October 17th, 2013 at 02:30 am

I used the last of my food shopping money.I noticed that 500g packs of pasta were half price - 50p each - so I bought some in. I also bought in reduced mini naan breads which I've put in the freezer for when I make a curry soon.

There was a sale at work. I spent £12.15 on clothes for SG's Christmas. They were all half price, and were items that I wanted to buy when they were full price.

I made spanish potatoes in the slow cooker on Monday. We had them with wraps and then paninis the following two days. It felt like a takeaway because all I had to do was heat them up. I'll be making them again soon.

We gave one of hubby's friends a loan of money this week. It was £10. Hubby said we will get it back today. The last time we gave him money it took him weeks to give it back. We'll see.

My mum's coming over for lunch tomorrow. Normally I go out of my way to find a really nice recipe for us and then I make it. This time, I'll use what's on hand - it'll be something with lentils or baked potatoes and beans probably. I had a look at cooks.com (thanks Snafu) and found a lot of nice recipes using lentils.

Oh, I checked Capital One today. My new card arrived yesterday so I'm going to activate it soon. Normally I wouldn't activate it so quickly but I'm worried about security now. Anyway, it looks as though they've increased my credit limit. I now have 474.03 available, I'm sure there was less available credit last week.

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