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October 18th, 2013 at 09:26 am

Today was payday. We got to see the damage a week off sick had on hubby's pay. Not good. Spending has to be kept to a minimum. Hubby suggested putting bills on the credit card - no way! We will just have to deal and get through this, it will be a learning experience if nothing else.

When SG is sleeping later I'll be meal planning and writing my shopping list.

The only thing I have accomplished so far today is to change the date of my automatic savings transfer. When I first set it up a few years ago, I could only transfer money either monthly, quarterly or yearly. Well, I had a look today and there's a four-weekly payment option, which matches when I get paid. So I've changed the date of my automatic transfer. Now it will be £10 every four weeks rather than every month. I was going to increase it a few months ago, but I never. Part of me was thinking just to delay the payment but if I start doing that I'll never want to save money. It's an evil cycle. And there's another part of me that thinks "you can do better than £10".

During this pay period I will not be paying anything to my BNPL items from the catalogue. I hate it but I had to cut a few things. I've also reduced our grocery budget and household spending. If I could think of something else to reduce, I would. Oh, obviously snowflaking towards debt is not really happening. Again.

Wow this post is sounding depressing. I can think of a few good things though:

- hubby's friend paid us back the money he owed us (£10)
- I had money left in the bank before payday
- our cupboards are full, should only need to think of a few staple items to add to the shopping list

1 Responses to “Payday”

  1. snafu Says:

    Money left in the bank and food in the cupboard are worth celebrating when pay has been reduced and you confidently deal with it. Way to go girl!

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