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November 9th, 2013 at 09:09 am

Thank you for all of the kind messages on my last post. It seems, however, that, what five weeks, maybe into this pregnancy and me and hubby are disagreeing about what we should do when baby number two is here. He wants me to give up work, whereas I think I should just reduce my hours a bit? I brought up our debt, but hubby seems to think we'd be ok. The main problem is that we don't think MIL can cope with two under three's and hubby doesn't want my mum to babysit (trust issues etc) We both work on a Sunday so if I could get my day changed then the problem would be solved but we would hardly see each other at the weekend. I don't know why I'm thinking about this now. I haven't even registered with the midwife yet.

I checked my email and my phone bill is going to be £33. Ten pounds more than normal, and more than I'd like. Hubby used my phone because his phone wasn't working so I guess that's why. I will be keeping track better this time around.

Made a homemade birthday card from SG today for MIL. We used some of my rewards from the catalogue to get a photo frame which will be from SG. Still need to order a gift from us, but hubby will use his rewards. I told him he has a budget, so look at gifts within the budget, not what you really want to get, We told our family the news and MIL wants to go out for a meal for a double celebration (her birthday is next week). Apparently BIL will pick up the tab as a birthday present. I hate the fact that he's paying but then it wasn't our idea.

The Christmas tree that I bought from the catalogue last year - yes I bought a tree and put it on Buy Now Pay Later, crazy - is due to be paid in two paydays. I will get that paid off. I refuse to pay interest on a tree.

I forgot to mention that this pregnancy has cost me 9.99 so far. I bought a Clearblue pregnancy test. I think I will try and keep track of my baby-related spending.

Found SG's library book that I thought I'd lost. It's funny, I wasn't even looking for it.

4 Responses to “This & That”

  1. Mrs.M180 Says:

    Too early to plan for your child? The time to plan was weeks or months before you even got pregnant to begin with, now is infinitely better than later.

    Not wanting to put extra stress on your MIL is admirable; I don't know your exact schedule but maybe it's possible for you and hubby to switch days around a bit so that one of you is home every day of the week. If this cuts into your budget too hard, perhaps you can start a side hustle (babysitting, tutoring, dog walking, internet-based customer service, mystery shopping, etc) to make up the difference?

    Alternately, if you have the space, you can hire a live-in nanny with rent and a small weekly stipend as payment, allowing both you and hubby the freedom to work as much or as little as you choose, knowing there is always someone at home watching your babies.

    Tracking the costs of pregnancy is a fantastic idea! Not only will you be constantly more aware of any baby-related spending ("do I really NEED this ? I've already spent 200 this week!"), but if you post your spending I'm sure there are plenty of people here on SA who know their way around frugal baby rearing and would have advice to help you cut costs even further, allowing you to murder those credit cards even faster.

  2. scottish girl Says:

    Thanks. We did discuss what we would do before we found out I was pregnant, just now we're talking about it more. I guess I thought we had more time.
    I like the idea of a side hustle, never thought about that.

  3. MonkeyMama Says:

    I think I wouldn't worry too much about it yet. I am all for planning ahead, BUT, baby stuff also never really seems to go as planned. I'd brainstorm as many ideas as possible, but leave the final decisions for after baby arrives. Maybe you will not want to work at that time. My first child was easy peasy to leave to go back to work. My second child made it very hard for a while. They were complete opposites. (IT was also very temporary, and so if you do cut back, would maybe be only very short-term??)

  4. Looking Forward Says:

    Agree w/MonkeyMama - I would talk about options now, but leave things more open for a real decision later.
    Working part time seems like a good compromise.

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