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November 15th, 2013 at 12:40 am

Today is payday. The first thing I done today was check my bank balance - it's looking healthy, for now anyway - then pay a few bills. I paid my catalogue bill then I paid £30 to my BNPL item (£35 to go, due 13/12 which is my next payday, so need to make sure I have money the day before)

I logged on to swagbucks and have managed to earn 6SB this morning. Thanks to reading CCF's post I realised that I don't have to let the videos play the whole way through.

I need to wrap MIL's birthday presents today since the meal is tomorrow. All in all, we spent 99p on her and that was for her card. I bought wrapping paper for 20p a few months ago so I will use that.

I'm waiting on both credit card statements to update. It will be CC2 first then Capital One.

I got a letter yesterday from another catalogue wanting me to join. "Get £15 off your first order of £35 or more" No thanks. They must send their letters out at this time of year because I've never had one before. They obviously know people rely on them for their Christmas shopping. I've got almost £30 of rewards to use in my Littlewoods catalogue so that will be used for a couple of toys for SG.

Tomorrow my automatic savings transfer of ten pounds will transfer. I need to increase this but I know I need to reduce debt too. I don't want to increase then have to take money out of savings.

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