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May 2nd, 2014 at 08:55 am

Today is payday. I was so disappointed this morning when I checked my bank balance to see that I got half of what I was expecting. Hubby is at work so I don't know what he got paid yet.

The doctor approved me to go back to work next week as a phased return on reduced hours. So, my pay at the end of this month, will probably be about the same as this was.

Yesterday I bought a second hand lightweight pram. I noticed it was on one of the selling pages on Facebook. By chance, the woman selling it lives in my town. Her husband dropped it off last night, and, small world that it is, he used to work with hubby. It was fifty pounds. (I used the money I had claimed from my health plan from being in hospital) I checked online and it's RRP is 123.

1 Responses to “Payday”

  1. mamasita Says:

    Nice deal on the pram! Then when you are through with it you can sell it, and help another person get a great deal, and recoup some money.

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