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An Update

May 21st, 2014 at 11:30 pm

Baby #2 due in five weeks. I have an appointment to see the midwife today. Next week I've got three appointments at the hospital, although two of them are scans.

I borrowed thirty pounds from my mum. Payday is over a week away and I had less than five pounds in my account. I'm consoling myself with the fact that it was only thirty pounds, and not more.

I finished up at work yesterday. I'm taking holidays first then starting my maternity leave.

I found out that we have been overpaying our rent. It's my fault because I didn't understand the benefit letter that we got so I just kept paying the same amount. I really should have phoned them then but I didn't. The woman I spoke to said we could have a refund, or the council will just take our rent balance each month off the amount. I agreed to the latter then thought should I have re-considered? I will need to phone them soon anyway when my maternity pay starts because my circumstances have changed.

I want to start doing two things now that I've finished up at work: decluttering and freezing meals for when baby is here. Although I want to get a lot done I'm going to take things slowly. I can see myself writing lists, with small tasks to complete each day. I know for sure that I don't want to spend all day sorting out clutter because I can't manage to do that, so maybe a set amount of time each day? We'll see.

4 Responses to “An Update”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Borrowing money once in awhile isn't the end of the world. You don't have a habit of it, so it is fine.

    I would definitely recommend picking a set amount of time to work on decluttering. Thirty minutes for an area is usually sufficient and you can get a lot done. A little each day and you will accomplish quite a bit. Good luck!!

  2. My English Castle Says:

    I agree (as always) with ccf. It's easy to get overwhelmed so setting aside a limited time once or twice a day is a good idea.

  3. Looking Forward Says:

    I think you need to spend plenty of time resting too. Smile 30 minutes per day will get good results in a short period of time and shouldn't wipe you out too much I hope.

  4. snafu Says:

    Good plan, if your stove has a timer, I suggest setting it for 30 minutes as soon as practical after breakfast and start your room-by-room de-clutter. When the bell tings you're done for the day. If you like you can re-set the timer after your afternoon rest. I figure I can put up with any task for 30 minutes. The trick is holding yourself responsible to repeat the process each day. Once done you're free for the rest of the day to do what you enjoy.

    I suggest assembling your make-in-advance meals for freezing as part of dinner preparation. If you can make two of the same meal it's less mess and less stress. Check in and tell us what got done so we can cheer every small step forward.

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