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My week so far

May 28th, 2014 at 02:58 pm

It's not been the most exciting of weeks. I was at the hospital on Monday and Tuesday. I seen my consultant. It's been decided that I won't have the baby at my local hospital because there's no surgeons there. Instead, I will be in the same hospital that I had my surgeries in, and there will be a surgeon on standby just in case. She made it clear that surgery is a last resort, they don't want to do it because I still haven't recovered internally from my last surgery.

Since I won't be in my local hospital, I'll be expecting less visitors since only my uncle lives near this hospital. Of course, I'm hoping I won't be in long enough to get visitors since it's my second.

I'm back at the hospital tomorrow. My consultant wants the baby to be monitored every week - either once or twice a week - until my due date.

With all of that time spent at the hospital, I was beginning to think that my aim to declutter was a lost cause. I'm feeling more hopeful now. This morning I set a timer for twenty minutes and me and hubby got to work. We kept on working after the timer went off, hubby more than me, and the living room is looking so much better.

No financial news, although it is payday this week. However since I only worked half my hours it won't be much. Also, my automatic savings transfers should start back up (I skipped the last four weeks because of money)

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