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Close Call

August 8th, 2014 at 01:30 am

I just wrote a long entry but it must have timed out. I'll summarise:

- I almost missed paying CC2. I checked online and noticed a payment hadn't posted so I made one this morning.
- TT Perfect Prep machine arrived without a filter. I complained to Amazon. They're refunding me 14.03 to buy that and a bottle that wasn't included either.
- We're having a few issues with MIL: expecting us to be in all the time so showing up at a moment's notice and being annoyed we're not home; wanting to take SG herself instead of just coming here to see her (last time she took her "for an hour or two" and was gone most of the afternoon) and lastly her bringing her dog here without asking us. Hubby's told her he doesn't want him here so that led to a childish Facebook status from MIL (She lost her other dog when I went in for surgery in March, so has been bringing her dog with her everywhere she goes since then)
- It's my friend's 30th this week and I suggested we go out for dinner and a few drinks. I'm stressing about that now because of money and also because I have nothing to wear. I wanted to get her a fantastic present but I haven't bought it yet, it's all about money.

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