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Too much spending

September 21st, 2014 at 06:45 am

Friday was payday, and hubby's birthday. He's still not talking to his mum or brother so I was feeling bad about that. Add that to the fact that I never had a gift for him to open (although I did buy him game credits months ago) We went into town to go to a cheesecake place that I've walked past a few times. Well it's smaller than I thought. We wanted to sit in but there wasn't enough space for us plus SG and J so we bought four slices - two each to try - to go. That was £10. Yep, 2.50/slice.

Then I decided i was hungry so we went to a cafe. Hubby only wanted a coffee, but that was another ten pounds.

Later that day, hubby went to Tesco while I stayed home. £69 later.

On Saturday we bought SG new boots. 24.99 She needed them and we were at the shopping centre anyway.

I also spent £18 in Asda on new tights and jeans for SG plus some toiletries and snacks for SG.

Oh did I mention that I made hubby a cheesecake for his birthday? Crazy that we still went out and bought some. Sigh.

My bank balance is abysmal. More money is going in tomorrow but I'm just feeling so depressed. I've paid extra to CC1 so I'm not slacking off with debt repayment but I still feel bad. There's more bills to pay. Part of me thinks I'm worrying for nothing but I doubt I am. Either way, we've been in worse situations so I'm sure we'll cope.

3 Responses to “Too much spending”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Just keep trying to move forward! I think you are still doing great. Stay aware of when and where you tend to overspend.

  2. Bright Says:

    Chin up and keep plugging along! Sometimes one needs a splurge before you can get back on task.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Once in awhile you have to spend, but keep working on saving. Don't give up!

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