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November 21st, 2014 at 05:44 am

Today I managed to do some more shredding, as planned. I also found the cellotape but I need to buy more. At least I can start wrapping now though.

I made of list of what food (non-perishable) that I still need to buy last night. My mum phoned today and she's offered to bring drink for the meal, even though I told her we won't be having much.

I ordered some things from the catalogue recently. Next year I think my goal will be to only order from it when I'm using my rewards (which will make it free)

2 Responses to “This & That”

  1. snafu Says:

    Have you glanced at the de-clutter thread on the forum 'discussion' heading? Space issues has made my laundry area gift wrap zone since W/D provides a flat space to wrap gifts, a cup hook screwed into the wall lets me hang a repurposed, guy's suit bag holding the rolls of gift wrap & gift bags and I hang ribbon, bows, stickers, tape, gift wrap paper cutter gizmo & ruler etc in a shopping tote to keep from getting crushed. I've no qualms about re-using pre-made bows from gifts received.

    The laundry is a great place to hide gifts as they all associate the area with chores lol.

    We have a bunch of holiday 'traditions' we created to save our skins as a result of poor family planning. At least one gift must be home made, one gift is fun/pleasure/desired and one gift is practical, much needed. apparel like pjs, socks, underwear, replacing lot mittens and wrecked boots etc. If try to combine fun with home made or practical clothes with something desired and since we do family draw-a-name, we aren't always doing all the buying.

  2. scottish girl Says:

    Thanks I've posted on the thread now. My washing machine is in the kitchen underneath the worktop and we haven't got a tumble dryer. I will probably do my gift wrapping in the livingroom or our bedroom.
    I like those ideas.

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