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Numbers, numbers

December 9th, 2014 at 06:34 am

I just changed my phone plan. I currently pay 23.45 per month for 100 mins, 500 texts and 250MB data. Well I've literally just upgraded so my new plan is 300 mins, 500 texts and 250MB data. I also added an extra300 mins for calling 08 numbers which can be really expensive. So, my new plan is costing me 12/month. Saving 11.45 each month compared to my old one.

I've just been looking at numbers for CC2 on whatsthecost, a website that lets you see how much interest etc you pay and lets you adjust your payments. If I can manage to pay 175/month beginning Jan 2015 I will have cc2 clear by Dec 2017. Or 155 will be June 2018. 135/month payoff date is March 2019. I prefer the shortest date of Dec 2017 of course so I am going to do my best to pay as much as possible next year.

I also want to increase my EF next year. I withdrew from it twice this year, otherwise I would have 228 rather than the 28 that I currently have. Next week my extra weekly payments will increase from 1/wk to 2/wk for the forseeable future. I also deposit 10/four-weekly. I worked it out and next year's automatic payments total 238. By the start of the year I should have 43 in EF. That added to 238 (total automatic savings for the year) comes to 281. I might aim to have 350 in savings, possibly less depending on debt payoff, by Dec 2015. That's over 70 more so it might be a bit of a stretch. I'm still debating. Aiming for 300 seems easy.

I've decided that any snowflakes will be split 70/30 between CC2 and EF. 70% to CC, 30% EF.

ETA: I just worked out that to get to 350 it's only 69 extra over the year. I get paid four-weekly so that's only 5.xx extra each pay period. Hmm. It might be doable.

4 Responses to “Numbers, numbers”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I say aim for the 350, you might find ways to spend less, sell something or earn a few extra Swagbucks that can get you to your goal. If you aim a little higher you might actually make it.

  2. snafu Says:

    Good on you, reviewing your choices and getting a plan with more calls, texts, data at less cost. Sorry have no idea what an 08 number is. Do you also have a landline? DSs convinced us to drop the landline and much to our surprise, we've never missed it! You've a plan to payoff CC#2 and adding the phone savings 11.45 can help accelerate pay-off and reduce total sum paid in interest.

    I'm guessing you've completed maternity leave and are back in the workforce. I hope SG and baby J are adjusting to the change without problem. You're making a lot of progress and I hope you're giving yourself some type of reward. It's all hard work.

  3. scottish girl Says:

    I'm finally getting notifications Smile
    @ CCF: I think I will aim for 350
    @ snafu: no we haven't got a landline. No I'm still on maternity leave. I'm due back early April.I'm just trying to be organised making cutbacks now where I can. I haven't been giving myself a reward, I never even thought about it to be honest because all I've done is make plans just now.

  4. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Good for you reducing your phone bill like that! Finding those savings in places will help you with your goal of $350/mo on your CC. Smile

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