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Doctors, turkey etc

December 10th, 2014 at 07:28 am

I'm pretty sure I really have no reason to update my blog today but I decided since I had some time, that I would.

I went to the doctors this morning. I've had earache since Friday and today was the first day I could get an appointment. Turns out I'm fine.

After the appointment I went to the butcher's to order our turkey for Christmas Day. I got the smallest turkey crown for 12.00 and also half a pound of streaky bacon. I'm picking it up on the 23rd, it was either that or Christmas Eve and I'm refusing to go anywhere on Christmas Eve. I'll pay for it when I pick it up.

I wrote out a list of what food I'll need over Christmas. When I get paid on Friday I will do an online order and get a few things that I either can't get at Aldi or refuse to get it because it's too heavy.

I wrapped two more of SG's presents today.

I'm feeling a bit optimistic about next year's financial goals. I'm out of the habit of tracking snowflakes, if I remember I used to track any extra money, under budget and now probably SBs. I'm not sure if I ever get any Amazon gift cards if I should track it when I get it, or wait until I use it and it's officially been used so is a snowflake, if you know what I mean? That really doesn't make sense. For example, if I redeemed a gift card now but didn't use until March say for SG's birthday, would I just count it then?

2 Responses to “Doctors, turkey etc”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I only count it once I use the gift card. So you could have Amazon sitting in your account unused for awhile before it is counted. That's how I do it, then my matching funds that I would have used to buy the item if the gift card wasn't there come out of current funds. I hope that helps.

  2. llabruce4 Says:

    Glad you are ok, I have never had an ear ache, but it sounds terrible

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