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December 12th, 2014 at 02:15 am

Today's payday. I ordered my shopping for delivery tomorrow (4.00) instead of early next week because the fridge is practically empty (I gave it a quick wipe down this morning)and so is one of our cupboards. I spent 118.90, although 72.40 was on formula and nappies; 46.50 was on food including a few things needed for Christmas such as tin foil trays, paprika, frozen prawns and cranberry sauce. We're almost out of milk so DH is getting some today. We still need more but I'm going to Aldi for that stuff.

I paid both credit cards; 85 to cc2 and 30 to cc1. I'm optimistic that as of 9/1/15 I can pay extra to cc2 (four weeks from today, my next payday) I'm hoping that some snowflakes will come my way and help me pay it off.

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