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An Update

August 13th, 2015 at 02:10 am

Spending has been all over the place. I haven't tracked in it about a week or so. I wasn't up to it a few days ago. I've also been adding a lot of impulse purchases to my shopping. Bad, I know. But I'm not using a bad week as an excuse for no progress, and I never touched a credit card. I don't know, it's just been a crazy couple of days.

On Monday we finally went to the farm/museum. It was a last minute decision. I had time to pack some snacks for the kids but not enough for a packed lunch. We met my mum there. We stayed for a few hours, kids were exhausted by the time we got home.

Spending for Monday:

Entry: 18.00 (for three, under-3s free)
Food in cafe: 9.25

Tuesday and Wednesday was mostly shopping after work. Must have spent about forty pounds in total over the past couple of days. This included stocking up on nappies though so not too bad.

Things are home are getting better. Basically, for those of you who didn't see the entry, dh and I started arguing over something small which led to something bigger. We've spoke a lot and we're working on it. As for the new online friend that I made, that is going well.

Throughout this whole thing, I lost some weight. It's even been picked up on by my mum, although she waited a whole two days after seeing me before bringing it up. It's noted, believe me. As a side note, I'll probably have to increase the food budget for a bit. Maybe take some vitamins too.

Earlier I transferred 2700 from BoS to Nationwide. The balance transfer fee was 2.4% which is added on to the transfer. It will be 45 days before I receive a statement. Nationwide is at 2764.81, which works out as 106.34 per month if I want to get it paid off within the time period. I'm not sure I will manage to clear it all but it is nice to have the majority debt on an interest-free card for a change.

P.S. Copy your entries before you hit Publish. I almost lost all of this.

2 Responses to “An Update”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    I'm happy to hear things at home are getting better, that's great news. With overspending - you can go back to your usual frugal ways to make amends, you'll be fine. Stay well and look after yourself.

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I'm glad to hear things are going better. Please do take care of yourself!

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