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Update, payday etc

August 21st, 2015 at 06:30 am

Today is payday, but I have a few things to update first.

My impulse spending still seems to be happening a lot. It's mostly something for lunch after work, or out for lunch with the kids, like we did on Monday. Mostly my reason for it is to get something to eat on the way home from work because I'm usually starving by the time I finish. I need to start packing something to eat on the way home.

Speaking of work, the trousers that I wear at work are becoming a bit of a nightmare. Or rather, they have been like that for a while and now it's really starting to get to me. On Monday night I decided that I was definetly going to buy a new pair after work on Tuesday. It means going into the shopping centre and I can never be bothered, but I thought I'd definetly make myself go then.

Well, it never happened. I was three hours into my shift at work when I fainted. The first aider at work decided to call an ambulance. They came out, spoke to me about my weight, blood sugar etc and told me to get an appointment with my doctor. I was lucky enough to get an appointment that day. When I seen the doctor he told me to keep a food diary and come back in a few weeks. As per recommendation, I've now joined my fitness pal to keep track of calorie intake.

I thought I'd lost my bank card but I found it this morning.

I recently qualified for one of those mum surveys. 5gbp reward, so I should have that soon. My Survey emailed me because I haven't been attempting surveys recently. I attempted a few so that's sorted now. My attention seems to be either on surveys or swagbucks, I don't have time for both.

Yesterday I checked my bank balance only to realise that I still had money left over before payday. I transferred some to my emergency fund .

Today I woke up and seen that my pay was less than normal, although I think I was late a few times. It's not drastic though so we'll be fine.

I paid minimum to BOS this morning. I've also paid Christmas savings. I think there's only one pay left of paying them, I'm going to double check. There's possibly only three or four more paydays until my huge buy now pay later (BNPL) item gets added on.

It's dh's birthday next month. It's over four weeks away so we'll be paid before then. Any meals out will come out of that pay, unless I manage to keep money aside from this one.

We've almost finished the last of the meat from the huge order I did online a while ago. I'll have to actually buy meat this pay period.

4 Responses to “Update, payday etc”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Oh no SG so sorry to hear you fainted!!! {{hugs}}. Take good care of yourself, maybe look into some more filling foods or perhaps increasing your food portions? I know that on the days where I have smoothie and toast for breakfast I'm much more full than just toast, maybe some rethinking on the meal planning is in order

  2. laura Says:

    Take care of yourself. I am the mother of one who needs to make an effort to keep her weight up, and the other is a regular fainter (mostly in church where it is always hot and stuffy, and crowded). Even juice and a piece of toast in the morning will get your blood sugar up and a carb in your stomach.

    I never knew what BNPL was (buy now, pay later). Sounds like you've got a plan for the money flow and upcoming payments.

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    I haven't had time or patience for surveys or Swagbucks lately. A few Bing searches and that's it. Sometimes I don't even do that!

    I'm sorry you fainted. Did the doctor suggest the type of foods you should be eating? More protein perhaps? I'm on MyFitnessPal too. I sent you my user name through Facebook messaging.

  4. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Fainting is not good! I hope you are able to figure out the right mix of foods to help you.

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