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Hello June

June 2nd, 2016 at 05:09 am

How is it June already? I swear it feels like it was my birthday not that long ago. I'd better enjoy the rest of the year because it is flying in.

We've had some really nice weather here. I had to buy some sunlotion in yesterday because we didn't have any on hand.

I went to Lidl today for the first time since March I think. I spent 18.xx, so I'll need to go back soon. It's not my favourite shop but I do really like their fruit and veg - their freezer section is another story. Anyway, I made sure to buy some ice cream (especially since my chocolate melted on me the other night - I had to put it in the fridge!)

I'm going to have to total what I've spent so far, all the little things add up.

I might have already mentioned it but SG has been invited to another birthday party. This one only gave a few weeks notice though.

In other news, we had a filming crew in my street a while ago. My cousin managed to get some photos of one of the actors but I didn't. I would've loved to have met him because he is a main character in one of my favourite shows.

As you know, I'm meeting VS-from-oz soon. I remember reading when a few of you all met up years ago; I never actually thought I'd get to meet a fellow blogger. But I am now Smile

5 Responses to “Hello June”

  1. laura Says:

    "Hello June" is right!

    I would add "So where did you come from so fast?!" - Hard to believe another school year is over (officially for everyone as of tomorrow at 1:00).

  2. My English Castle Says:

    You're meeting VS? Fabulous! And I need to know what actor and what show!
    Completely agree about Lidl. I often stopped at the one in Camden Town for their veggie and fruit specials, but the queues were awful, and no one ever seemed to be able to keep up with restocking the shelves.

  3. VS_ozgirl Says:

    I can't wait! Who would have thought that this would be happening at the start of the year, certainly not me Smile

    And how cool that you had a film crew in your street Smile

  4. scottish girl Says:

    Laura, it's been a quick year!
    MEC, yes this month. Robert Carlyle.
    VS, definitely not me!

  5. rob62521 Says:

    That is cool you are meeting VS!

    You are so right...how did June get here so quickly!?!

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