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February 7th, 2017 at 06:55 am

My shopping arrived today - all 80.63 of it.The fridge,freezer and cupboards are all full.Its the first timr that shopping has arrived and the salad drawer has been empty - usually we end up throwing some out. Im feeling a bit bad about all the spending though. But we did need the stuff

I booked us two nights in the hotel for the wedding. Almost 300.Sigh. Ive got money set aside from the current account transfer last year,and im getting a small bonus soon.

5 Responses to “Shopping”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    It's nice to have a full fridge, etc. Smile

  2. My English Castle Says:

    Oof. That is a lot for the hotel, but there's not much you can do, is there? Keep squirreling it away, Sarah. You're a pro at that.

  3. Ssnafu Says:

    Have you explored AirBnB? Friends were so impressed with results. DSs have been using it for a few years since their work requires travel with a lowish per diem. We're trying it on this trip in SE Asia with good results. We're on a side trip and booked a hotel who I will write-up shortly on travel advisor. It's almost adequate but for a few 'bumps.' Their current TA write up says there are nearby services...actually those are 20 min away by cab...if you or doorman can find a cab! Desk Staff smiles and acknowledges your presence but cleverly does not follow up with information requested. To use the elevator you must tap your room card. Super security awareness. Problem, the device opens your room, gives you lights, TV, computer access and likely more but if you remove it from it's slot you have under a minute before darkness falls. Partner stranded in the dark, can't see a blessed thing. Everyone must leave together, ready, set go!

    Room looks nice on surface but dreadful layout. Bathrm looks luxurious with huge walk-in shower BUT to turn on the rain type shower you must stand under the giant device to turn on the taps. Initially the water is frigid...shocking you awake in AM, annoying at the end of a long, full day. Towel rack is horridly inconvenient. They ask you to conserve energy by hanging/reusing towel...but you pretty much need to straddle the new, high level commode to hang any towel! Giggled when DH realized the shower wall facing the bed area is dark glass in the shower but see-through glass in the bed zone Smile

  4. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Maybe look at the wedding as a little holiday. It's always a bit more costly with a family because if possible you want two rooms.

  5. rob62521 Says:

    There's something comforting about having a full pantry and fridge.

    Although the hotel room is expensive, you've got a plan to pay for it. Try to enjoy it and being away.

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